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Chitkara University Library plays an important role in the development and functioning of the university by acting as an information resource centre. It serves the interest of different constituents of the University. A Library Advisory Committee has been formed to cater to the teaching, learning and research needs of the students and the faculty.


Ø  To provide a forum for discussing library and information needs and expectations of the faculty and the students

Ø  To ensure a balanced and continuous growth of the library in line with the overall development of the University and to represent the interests of the Library in various decision-making groups

Ø  To advise the Library on policy matters concerning services, resources and facilities 

Ø  To provide an opportunity to faculty and students to raise and discuss initiatives towards the growth of library and information services and the functioning of library.


Ø  The Committee will meet at least twice a semester and within the framework of the overall strategic policies of the University shall:   

Ø  Represent the views of the Library’s stakeholders on library and information services   including the timings

Ø  Recommend new collections for enriching the resources of library to include books and journals - both print and on-line versions. All recommendations for procurement should be made at least four months before the actual requirement.

Ø  Support the Library’s efforts in ensuring financial accountability and responsibility in the provision of library collections. Towards this end adequate market research would be carried out to get the best deal for the library.  

Ø  Promote the Library to advance knowledge and information sharing. Providing bibliographic support should be an important aspect of the functioning of the library.

Ø  Lay down guidelines for maintaining proper decorum in library.

Ø  Organize activities and build an environment to ensure that Library becomes a ‘happening place’ in the University and all stake holders make maximum use of this vital resource. 

Ø  The committee will report to the Vice-Chancellor on significant matters   



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